The War on “Whiteness”

It has become popular among leftists to conflate “whiteness” (essentially being of Caucasian heritage) with “white supremacy” and to attack these concepts as if they were indistinguishable. This obfuscation is intentional because the theory of “white supremacy” is only embraced by a tiny minority, and it has no traction in modern society that necessitates the constant refutation it receives.

The real reason the left attacks “whiteness” has little to do with race (hence, the left’s willingness to accuse black conservatives and Asians broadly of “white supremacy”); and everything to do with attacking the productivity, prosperity, and success of Western civilization.

In addition to being a cash cow for organizations like the SPLC and grifters like Henry Rogers (who calls himself Ibram X. Kendi), the crusade of “anti-racism” is intended to denigrate Western Civilization and advocate its replacement with both economic and cultural Marxism.

Western civilization saw the world as a canvas for improvement, yet modern leftists quite literally celebrate the destruction of roads and buildings and their replacement with “green space.”

Western civilization built roads; invented trains, automobiles, and airplanes; and made it possible for mankind to travel the globe; but now the left wants to replace the freedom of private vehicle ownership and enhanced mobility with “walkable” cities where you are never more than 15 minutes from your home.

Western civilization embraced education, teaching languages, history, and science. The left turned education first into dumbed-down babysitting and finally into a laboratory of idiocracy, where the most basic facts of reality are rejected—and failing to sufficiently teach reading or basic math over more than a dozen years is normalized.

Western civilization developed and embraced the scientific method of discovery and proof, but now the left uses “the science” as a cudgel against its opponents, accusing those who question their shoddy guesswork and unfounded predictions of heresy against the new religion.

The values of Western civilization have lifted billions of people from poverty, despite the ongoing efforts of Marxists to counter this advancement. The left’s alternative to Western civilization is a new dark where success, productivity, and even intelligence are demonized and normalcy and common sense are treated as cause for suspicion.

It may be an “inconvenient truth” to some that history reveals stark racial and geographical disparities among human advancement, but that truth should be embraced and studied rather than denied and disparaged. Don’t let the left’s false equivalencies dissuade you from defending and celebrating Western civilization. Without it, we quite literally wouldn’t be here.

By Parrish Miller

This is my personal website where I discuss issues of philosophy, politics, and survival from a libertarian perspective.

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