What is Cultural Marxism?

Today, someone asked me, “What is cultural Marxism and how has it taken over our society?”

The truth is I could write an entire book on this subject (and perhaps one day I will), but I wanted to summarize my answer in a few paragraphs because I believe this is an issue that many people still don’t really understand.

At its core, Marxism attempts to undermine the dignity of the individual by eliminating property rights, deprioritizing the family, and redefining success as oppression. This is accomplished, in part, through identity politics, critical theory, and the prioritization of historical grievances and class struggles — some real, most imaginary.

Cultural Marxism shares all the same goals as traditional Marxism, but it expands its notions of oppression to include reality itself (e.g. “I was born in the wrong body”; “Having to work is oppression”; “We must eat bugs so the weather won’t destroy Obama’s beach house.”) and to perpetually invent new struggles and divisions in order to break up families and destroy the moral underpinnings of Western society.

Cultural Marxism has insinuated itself into every level of education from preschool to the most advanced degrees through DEI, which is essentially the same proletariat-versus-the-bourgeoisie nonsense that has always defined Marxism, just repackaged to include an expanded universe of fictional grievances.

Cultural Marxism seeks to blind people to the real problems plaguing our society — including the breakdown of the family, erosion of property rights, lack of ambition, and devaluation of the currency — and to instead get people obsessed over supposed grievances related to gender, race, and climate.

Western society was built by strong families who worked hard and raised their children to be moral and productive. Cultural Marxism works to tear down Western Society through broken families, the inversion of traditional morality, historical revisionism, the promotion and celebration of mental illness, and the denigration of entrepreneurship and financial success.

Under our current cultural Marxist paradigm, the healthy, straight, hard-working, Christian white man who takes care of his family is viewed as the enemy of progress, while the self-mutilating, gender-confused, unemployed social justice warrior with nine cats who lives on government handouts is celebrated by the Church of Satan and promoted as a role model for American youth.

Cultural Marxism isn’t a “conspiracy theory,” but it most certainly is a conspiracy, and right now, those involved in this conspiracy are winning. Fortunately, Americans are finally starting to wake up to what’s happening. I just hope it isn’t too late.

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By Parrish Miller

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