Why Keep and Bear Arms?


The primary reason for the inclusion of the Second Amendment in our Constitution was so that the armed citizenry could serve as a check against tyranny, not so that people could hunt or shoot targets. We are supposed to have guns that are designed to kill humans. Although some are now calling for gun registration, the fact is that registering guns would make it far easier for tyrants to confiscate weapons from the people who are supposed to serve as the final and ultimate barrier against exactly that type of authoritarian power grab.

America was designed to be a militarized culture. We were not even supposed to have a standing army because our founders recognized that a standing army (or a national "police force" such as the FBI and "Homeland Security") will inevitably become the enforcers of a totalitarian regime. Instead, the US was set up in such a way that all able-bodied men made up the "unorganized militia" which would be armed and ready to defend their lives, families, and possessions against any who would dare to violate them.

The tragedy of our modern age is that we have, by and large, abdicated our sovereign responsibility of self-defense to the exact type of armed cabal that our founders so opposed. We do not need fewer guns, we need more guns. We do not need fewer armed men, we need more armed men. We need to reinstitute firearms training in our schools and work to remove the stigma from carrying a weapon that the left has so manipulatively been imposing on our culture over the last century.

There is nothing wrong with everyone carrying a gun, and I would actually argue that is how it should be if we want a peaceful society. It has often been said that "an armed society is a polite society," and no observation is more correct. Carrying a weapon encourages restraint and demands widespread respect. The gun is the great equalizer that negates physical differences and allows every individual a "seat at the table" in human interaction.

Why is it that there are "mass shootings" but never "mass punchings"? Because equally equipped individuals will quickly put an end to unprovoked assaults. Mass shootings would be virtually impossible in a fully-armed society because as soon as some assailant attempted to instigate one, he would be summarily put down by another armed individual. Those who oppose the prevalent ownership and carry of guns actually oppose equality and justice and instead support exploitation and victimization.

As American begins yet another round of "conversations about gun control," let us keep in mind that the primary reason for the enshrining of our natural right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution was to serve as the ultimate check against a tyrannical government. Let us also remember that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.



For more, check out this fabulous essay on "Why the Gun IS Civilization" by Marko Kloos.

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