Defending Meritocracy and Individualism

Why is fighting against ‘social justice’ indoctrination so important?

Because we have a radical leftist state senator right here in Idaho, claiming that there “should be a fight against myths of meritocracy and individualism.”

Meritocracy and individualism aren’t myths. They’re immutable truths that expose leftist hypocrisy and deviancy. The left hates these ideas because they place the responsibility for personal failings exactly where it belongs — on the individual. The ‘social justice’ fallacy attempts to turn reality on its head, by placing the blame for people’s poor choices on ‘society,’ the boogeyman of ‘racism,’ the wealthy, or even on people who died centuries ago.

Leftist policy is all about shifting blame and abdicating responsibility, forcing the productive members of society to subsidize those who refuse to support themselves. The ‘social justice’ philosophy is about trying to make this blatant injustice and overt theft somehow appear justified. Don’t accept these fallacies and don’t make excuses for the SJWs who peddle them.

Meritocracy and individualism are the foundations of a free society, and if we allow them to be denied and denigrated, we can kiss our freedom goodbye.

But that’s exactly what the radical left is hoping to achieve.

Parrish Miller

By Parrish Miller

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