Radical Leftists Won Big – What Happens Now?

As long as leftists have power, they will collude and conspire to make sure their intended victims are disarmed and powerless to resist.

As radical leftists prepare to seize control of the American political system, we can expect to see a number of changes both culturally and economically. Guns will undoubtedly be one of the first and most momentous. “Red flag” gun confiscation laws are practically a given, but standard-capacity magazine bans, an “assault weapons” ban and forced “buyback,” massive taxes on guns and ammo, and the reclassification of AR pistols as prohibited weapons are also on the democrats’ to-do list.

The assault (pun intended) on gun rights will be both immediate and continuing. As long as leftists have power, they will collude and conspire to make sure their intended victims are disarmed and powerless to resist.

I’ll be honest. I am also extremely concerned about the economy over the next four (or eight or twelve) years. The net effect of the democrats’ economic, regulatory, and environmental policies will be to devalue the currency, massively jack up taxes, and significantly increase prices across the board. I predict that everything from food to ammunition to gasoline will soon double or triple in price.

Put simply, hard-working, productive Americans are about to be hit with an unparalleled barrage of economic warfare. The only people who stand to benefit (other than the politicians and bureaucrats, of course) are the lazy ne’er-do-wells who were effectively bribed to vote for the radical socialists seeking to seize control of the country. I believe that we are about to witness an unprecedented multi-trillion dollar transfer of wealth from those who work for a living to those who vote for a living. Watch for tens of millions of useless leeches to get massive handouts in exchange for their loyalty to the socialist cabal.

While gun rights and the economy will be among the early victims of the left’s campaign of destruction, personal freedom will also be a primary target. Look for a national mask mandate and a national vaccine mandate enforced through fines and jail time. Expect increased use of “de-platforming” as punishment for holding or expressing opinions that go against leftist orthodoxy. Watch for this tactic to move beyond social media to internet and mobile providers and eventually to utility providers as well.

Expect student loan “forgiveness” to be provided to the least productive members of society as well as the extension of “free” college to a similar demographic. “Reparations” to minority communities is another tool of involuntary wealth redistribution that the left will likely deploy.

Higher education is already enemy territory for anyone who is not a radical leftist, but watch for the trend to ramp up even more over the next few years. Faculty and students alike will be ostracized and even criminally charged for voicing unsanctioned viewpoints.

Finally, I expect a concerted effort to create new states from Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico in order to pack the Senate with even more hardcore leftists and to ensure that the Electoral College is forever monopolized by the democrats.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the evils that will soon be unleashed by the radical left, but you get the picture. Your guns, your money, and your freedom are squarely in their sights, and the statistical chances of ever taking back control from the radical leftists through the political process will soon fall to zero.

This may all seem rather cynical and pessimistic, but I assure you the coming reality will be even worse. You done fucked up, America.

Some additional thoughts as of 11/6

One reason my analysis is particularly bleak is that I do not believe the GOP will retain control of the Senate. One Georgia Senate race is definitely headed for a January 5th run-off election and it looks like the other one will as well. As the final results come in from Georgia, they are all trending towards the left.

The GOP needs at least one of the Georgia seats in order to maintain just a 51-seat majority. That’s the first hurdle. If both Georgia Senate seats are won by the left, a 50-50 tie will result, which will give the VP (Kamala Harris until she assumes the presidency) the deciding vote.

Even if the GOP wins in Georgia, the absolute best-case scenario is now 52 seats, three of which will be held by Collins, Murkowski, and Romney—three leftist Republicans who have a well-established record of defection. Assuming a 51-seat majority for the GOP (which is still optimistic), a single defection (most likely by Romney, the only Republican to vote in favor of impeaching President Trump) is all that will be required for the left to prevail.

I sincerely hope my predictions prove incorrect, but I see very little reason for optimism at this point.

Update 1/5/21

I’m disappointed to have to say I told you so, but the leftists have prevailed in Georgia and now have complete control of the federal government. There are no remaining political checks on the radical left’s ruinous agenda.

By Parrish Miller

This is my personal website where I discuss issues of philosophy, politics, and survival from a libertarian perspective.

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Dad always said “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”
This is what we’ve allowed to grow all over the world!
Our chickens are coming home to roost!

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