The West Gives ISIS a Triple Win

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Thanks to the reaction of Western nations, the Paris attack has gone from being a small victory for ISIS (killing at least 129 people) to being a triple win. Not only did ISIS successfully kill French citizens in response to France's unwarranted interference in Syria, but now the West is scrambling to cut off assistance to ISIS victims and to slam the door in the face of refugees, leaving them to be killed or enslaved by ISIS.

Additionally, the West (now led by a vindictive France) is indiscriminately bombing civilians in Syria which gives ISIS and other radical groups all the more ammunition with which to radicalize currently moderate and pro-west Muslims.

Either Western governments are even stupider than I previously realized, or this is all a very intentional effort to thrust the West even more deeply into perpetual war with the Middle East. Maybe it's a combination of both stupidity and subterfuge, but either way, many more people will die thanks to the West's decision to blame refugees—the victims of ISIS—for the actions of ISIS and to drop bombs on innocent people in Syria and Iraq.

Once again, the terrorists win because Western governments refuse to target the actual individuals responsible for the crimes, and instead choose to target innocent individuals who are in the same geographic area. It's a foolish and deadly strategy which only makes things worse, yet it's the West's preferred reaction to terrorism. In the end, everyone loses but the terrorists themselves. They win because Western governments give them exactly what they want—more good reasons for Muslims to hate Western nations.


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