REVIEW: Anker Soundcore Spirit X Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones


Something you might not know about me (but you probably do) is that I'm a bit of a gear junkie when it comes to electronics. One particular type of gear I enjoy is audio gear, be it speakers, headphones, or earbuds. I have, shall we say, a LOT of them.

My latest acquisition is Anker's recently released "Spirit X" wireless earbuds. Although different in some respects, for me, these serve as a bit of an upgrade to the SoundBuds Slim+ wireless earbuds I reviewed last year. A few of the upgraded aspects are the battery life (12 hours vs. 7 hours) and the water—and better yet, sweat—resistance which they offer.

While lots of earbuds claim various IPX ratings (these are IPX-7) in order to demonstrate their resistance to water, sweat poses additional challenges due to its corrosive properties. If you use your earbuds while exercising, doing yard work, or other activities where you tend to sweat, traditional water resistance might not be sufficient. Anker's "Spirit X" wireless earbuds were engineered specifically for sweat resistance. Believe me, it makes a difference. The water and corrosion resistance also makes these earbuds one of the only options suitable for use in saltwater, so if you want music while you swim or surf in the ocean, you want these earbuds.

As is typical for Anker, the "Spirit X" wireless earbuds are well-built and come with a number of extras including multiple sizes of the replaceable ear tips, a charging cable, and a nice zippered case to keep it all together.

Of course, Anker covers all the basics too, the Bluetooth 5.0 is quick to connect and the connection is strong once established. The volume gets louder (much louder) than you can safely use it, so it's easy to hear even when mowing or running other loud machinery (I'm not necessarily recommending this, but you can do it.) The inline control also lets you skip tracks or answer phone calls without having to touch your phone. One other cool feature on these earbuds is the little quick adjuster on the cable connecting the earbuds. You can easily take up the slack behind your neck so there is no extra cable dangling down it.

Finally, there is the audio quality which is very good with strong, punchy bass. It's well suited to rock or other base-driven music. To me, the audio quality is still a notch below the best wired earbuds, but for typical listening, the quality is more than adequate and far better than the cheap wired earbuds which come with most phones and music players.

Are the "Spirit X" wireless earbuds the absolute best choice for sitting quietly in your study listening to Beethoven? Probably not, but if you want good bass while exercising, working, or just generally living life, these earbuds will serve you well and survive whatever you throw at them. In my opinion, these are an excellent product at a very affordable price. (They were $39.99 when I wrote this, but you can click here to see the latest price.)

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