My Goals for 2015 (and beyond)


My wishlist for 2015 (and beyond):

  • Reduce / eliminate the coercive theft of property from those who own it and its redistribution to those who do not.
    • Reduce / eliminate coercive (i.e involuntary) taxation.
    • Reduce government spending.
      • Reduce / eliminate government funding for healthcare.
      • Reduce / eliminate government funding for education.
      • Reduce / eliminate government foreign aid.
      • Reduce / eliminate government cronyism.
  • Reduce / eliminate government interference and obstacles to voluntary transactions between consenting individuals.
    • Reduce / eliminate the number and scope of occupational licenses.
    • Legalize / decriminalize the sharing economy (Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc.)
    • Legalize / decriminalize marijuana (and eventually other drugs as well.)
    • Legalize / decriminalize gambling (both private games and casinos.)
    • Legalize / decriminalize pornography and prostitution.
  • Protect Individual Liberty.
    • Allow the carry of weapons (openly or concealed) without testing, licensing, or registration.
    • Allow the operation of motor vehicles without testing, licensing, or registration.
    • Repeal age-based restrictions on alcohol consumption, smoking, and drug use.
    • Repeal / disallow all curfews.
    • Disallow censorship. No exceptions.
    • Repeal all laws purporting to protect "intellectual property" and thereby legalize / decriminalize the sharing of information.
  • Curtail the burgeoning police / surveillance state.
    • Eliminate the transfer of military equipment to local police departments.
    • Require all uses of force by LEOs to be reviewed by an advisory committee in a public, transparent process.
    • Outlaw government spying (on anyone, ever, for any reason.)
    • Eliminate car registration / license plates.
    • Prohibit enforcement of traffic laws (which should be considered guidelines) except in cases involving personal injury or property damage.
  • Reform the current "criminal justice" system.
    • Require that an actual victim (not a theoretical or possible one) be named in all prosecutions (including infractions.) Any case without a named victim is automatically dismissed.
    • Reduce the use of incarceration as a penalty for all crimes.
    • Require that all penalties assessed against offenders serve to make the victim whole—not to enrich the state.
    • Outlaw the death penalty.
  • Protect property rights for all people in all circumstances.
    • Repeal / overturn the flawed "public accommodation" doctrine.
    • Reduce / eliminate building codes (especially those relating to aesthetics.)
    • Reduce / eliminate zoning laws and restrictions.
    • Allow homes to be easily converted to or used as businesses and vice versa.
    • Prohibit law enforcement incursion onto private property except in life or death situations.

Update: None of these things have happened as of January 1st, 2017. Will this be the year when some progress is made toward reestablishing individual liberty? I'm not holding my breath.

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