“If you are not actively fighting against evil, your apathy is helping evil succeed.” ~ Parrish Miller

  • The Dystopian Nightmare is Already Here

    The Dystopian Nightmare is Already Here

    Based on what we are seeing right now at both the government and corporate level, it is clear that the 2020 “pLandemic” is being pushed as a strategy to exclude rebels and freethinkers from the market and to ostracize them from society altogether. It starts with demanding masks and temperature checks, but it will soon…

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  • Debunking the ‘Privilege’ Fallacy

    Debunking the ‘Privilege’ Fallacy

    To begin with, let’s just acknowledge that the term “white privilege” is a racist and disparaging term that endeavors to shame and ‘other’ white people based on their race. We must also recognize that such needless race shaming is based on myths and lies. The ‘privilege’ narrative is based on some of the same fundamental…

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  • Mass Shootings and the Media

    Mass Shootings and the Media

    Why do we have mass shootings? What has changed? It isn’t the weapons. Americans have had guns for as long as there have been Americans. Kids too. Some people want to blame mental health, but that doesn’t explain it either. Even if we ignore the fact that the mentally ill are not typically violent (indeed,…

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  • Trade, Tariffs, and some Basic Economics

    Trade, Tariffs, and some Basic Economics

    Why does trade occur? Fundamentally, trade takes place in order to better the lives of those participating in the trade. You trade money for food because you are hungry and money doesn’t taste very good. Each party values what they are trading away less than what they are receiving in return. That is why the…

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  • The Weakest Generation

    The Weakest Generation

    “What is wrong with people today?” It’s a question we hear frequently, in many different forms, but all are probing at an increasingly obvious observation. Previous generations entered their thirties with families, houses, and a decade or more of meaningful work experience under their belts. They bought used cars, built small starter homes, worked their…

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  • Killing the American Meritocracy

    Killing the American Meritocracy

    The American Dream is under attack like never before—not just the ability to fulfill the dream—but its very concept and history. At the core of the American Dream is the idea of meritocracy. There is no royalty in America, no titles of nobility, no entrenched caste system. You could be born anywhere, to anyone, and…

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