My ten unpopular, non-political opinions

There’s a bit of a trend right now to share unpopular, non-political opinions on Facebook. Here are some of mine.

  1. I don’t smoke and never have, but I don’t mind cigarette smoke. I do mind those who complain about it.
  2. Nothing ruins food like adding vegetables to it. Especially shredded lettuce… No one wants your green confetti.
  3. I like my meat well done. It’s not wrong because it’s my preference.
  4. Car alarms do nothing to prevent crime, all they do is annoy people.
  5. There are thousands of different religions and denominations active across the globe, yet each one claims to be the exclusive guardian of sacred truth. What are the odds? Put another way, Pascal’s Wager is a bullshit argument.
  6. Santa Claus is a creepy fictional character who allegedly spies on people and defies the laws of nature to extract compliance with his unspecified code of ‘naughty or nice.’ Encouraging anyone to believe in such things is ill-advised, to say the least.
  7. The overwhelming majority of parents abuse their children to some degree. I’m not just talking about physical punishment either. There are also the lies, manipulation, denial of free speech, and forced labor.
  8. All human action falls under the umbrella of economics because it all involves opportunity cost (and many other reasons beyond the scope of this list.)
  9. Sports are a form of entertainment and are not objectively good or bad. It’s not wrong to play them, watch them, enjoy them, or ignore them.
  10. Information is never a bad thing. The more we have—about anything and everything—the better.

Do you agree? If not, you’re wrong! (Just kidding.)

What are some of your unpopular opinions (preferably on non-political matters)? Leave your comments below.

Parrish Miller

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