“If you are not actively fighting against evil, your apathy is helping evil succeed.” ~ Parrish Miller

  • Killing the American Meritocracy

    Killing the American Meritocracy

    The American Dream is under attack like never before—not just the ability to fulfill the dream—but its very concept and history. At the core of the American Dream is the idea of meritocracy. There is no royalty in America, no titles of nobility, no entrenched caste system. You could be born anywhere, to anyone, and…

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  • Poverty and Success

    Poverty and Success

    Perhaps the most unpopular opinion I hold is that—in spite of the myriad obstacles to success instigated by the state—success is still achievable by a significant percentage of the population (>95%) and poverty is a result of one’s own choices in a similar percentage of cases. I am not suggesting that everyone’s idea of success…

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  • Without profit, there would be no investment

    Without profit, there would be no investment

    Among the numerous fallacies embraced by socialism, one of the most notable is completely ignoring the value of investment and risk. Socialists love to talk about the value of “labor” and how profit is made on the backs of “labor,” but they ignore the fundamentals of human nature and of how the market actually works.…

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  • ‘Twas the Night Before Voting

    ‘Twas the Night Before Voting

    ‘Twas the night before votingAnd all through the land,The statists were plottingTo give tyrants a hand. They picked out their colorsAnd weapons of war.All ready for battleWith its glory and gore. The fight would be bloody,Of that there’s no doubt.The spending was crazy—A record amount! Opinions were sharpened,Condemnations unfurled.“What? You’re not voting?”“You’re destroying the world!”…

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  • Logically, Consumption SHOULD Require Production

    Logically, Consumption SHOULD Require Production

    People like to say things such as “there shouldn’t be homeless people” or “no one should ever go hungry.” I actually disagree with these ideas and I know that many people will think I’m a horrible and heartless person, but let’s break down these concepts. Why is it that some people can’t afford things like…

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  • Medicaid Expansion in Idaho Comes with a $5 Billion Price Tag

    Medicaid Expansion in Idaho Comes with a $5 Billion Price Tag

    If Idahoans vote to expand Medicaid, the impact to state and local budgets will likely be minimal (at least for the first few years.) Depending on how many people enroll in Medicaid and how a host of existing state and local programs respond, the impact is likely to be +/- $10-$12 million per year for…

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