• Fentanyl, Drug Policy, and Informed Consent
    Should drugs be legal? Even fentanyl? These are questions libertarians hear regularly as the death toll attributed to fentanyl continues to rise. One of the core foundations of libertarian thought is consent, and by extension, the ability to grant or … Read more
  • What is Cultural Marxism?
    Today, someone asked me, “What is cultural Marxism and how has it taken over our society?” The truth is I could write an entire book on this subject (and perhaps one day I will), but I wanted to summarize my … Read more
  • Vaccine Passports will make you a Slave
    Billions of people have bent the knee and compromised their bodies and their integrity. Refuse to yield!
  • Defending Meritocracy and Individualism
    Meritocracy and individualism aren’t myths. They’re immutable truths that expose leftist hypocrisy and deviancy.
  • Cancel Culture and the War on History
    Cancel culture doesn’t just target companies, brands, and historical figures. It targets living individuals as well, many of them innocent.
  • What Upgrades are Realistic?
    The most productive course of action is to work toward attainable upgrades that acknowledge the fundamental weaknesses we lack the resources to correct.