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Whenever conflict erupts (either military conflict or political conflict), there is a tendency among many people to blindly take sides with whichever "group" or party seems (at the moment) to be most in line with their worldview (or the least opposed to it.) This alignment is frequently expressed by declarations that one "stands" with a particular country, group, or cause. Even when both "sides" are clearly guilty of atrocities, some people still feel compelled to "stand" with one or the other of them.

Let me clarify where I stand. I don't "stand with Israel" or "stand with Gaza" or "stand with Rand." For that matter, I don't "stand with America" or "stand with the Constitution," either. I do not identify with or support collectives (particularly involuntary collectives.) I do not support one class or party of rulers over another (because all claims of authority are illegitimate.)

I stand with every individual who does not initiate force against others and I stand opposed to any individual who does.

I don't care where you were born, what language you speak, or what deity you believe in (or don't believe in.) I don't care what uniform you wear, what books you've read, or what education you've received. I don't care what you drive, where you live, or how you make a living. If you refrain from initiating force against others, I stand with you!

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