Watch Your Back!


There is a tremendous amount of disturbing news out there right now. The government is acting like a cornered animal and is ferociously lashing out on multiple fronts as it fights to maintain its power and strengthen its stranglehold over individuals. People are waking up to the evils of institutionalized coercion and the state is trying to retake lost ground by instituting campaigns of fear and general mistrust under the guise of 'fighting terror.'

Organizations and individuals that support liberty are being targeted for investigation and persecution as the government seeks to stamp out its critics. These efforts are escalating at a rapid pace, and expressing even mild dissatisfaction with government is now sufficient to generate substantial abuse by the state's enforcers.

BE CAREFUL! Government watch lists are growing exponentially, and a 'shoot first and don't even bother with questions' attitude is now the status quo for a government that has already purchased enough ammunition to kill every man, woman, and child in the nation six times over. Don't interact with agents of the state if you can possibly avoid doing so, and always strive to have witnesses and video recordings if you cannot avoid it.

It is certainly a dangerous time to be an outspoken champion for liberty, but it is also dangerous just to hold opinions outside of the narrow range the state now considers acceptable. Cyber-spying is now the rule rather than the exception, and all forms of digital communication are now monitored, recorded, and analyzed for 'suspicious' content. The Fourth Amendment is but a distant memory and "innocent until proven guilty" has been replaced with "exigent circumstances" and "probable cause." Today, even these oft-abused doctrines are frequently seen as unnecessary as "national security" is the trump card that purports to negate all individual rights and justify all manner of government spying and intrusion.

Once an individual has been 'flagged' due to their use of certain words or phrases deemed suspicious they become the subject of even greater violations by an increasingly paranoid and ever growing network of governmental 'intelligence' agencies. The government attempting to read your mind is no longer science fiction as these entities employ software algorithms that attempt to determine intent and even mood based on an analysis of movement, facial features, body temperature, and a host of other questionable factors.

This is not a government protecting its citizens. This is a prison watching its inmates for signs of resistance. The government is looking to eliminate all who would dare to take a stand against its abuses and usurpations. Again I must remind you to WATCH YOUR BACK. If you have taken a stand for individual liberty you are now a target of the most powerful and technologically advanced cabal of spies and enforcers the world has ever known. They will invent excuses to silence you and they will fabricate evidence to support their claims. Truth is the enemy of tyranny and those who speak it are always the primary targets for tyrants.

Things are moving rapidly now because—despite all of its efforts to silence its critics—the state is steadily being unmasked as the great evil that it is. Those who speak against the state are being hunted, but their voices cannot be silenced completely. People are waking up and the state is desperate to return them to their comatose state of apathy and indifference. Protect yourself, but do not give up speaking the truth. One man can be silenced. Ten can be demonized. One hundred can be marginalized. But what of a thousand? A million? Ten million? The state's reign of terror will end when the people awaken to the reality of its crimes—and it is this simple fact that elicits such vengeful rage from the state and its supporters.

I for one will never be intimidated into silence. So long as I am breathing I will continue to speak out against the tyrannies and usurpations of the state. To borrow a phrase from the original American rebel, Patrick Henry, "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"

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