The problem, the solution, and what constitutes progress


The Problem:
Government hurts people and takes their stuff.

The Solution:
Government stops hurting people and taking their stuff. (AKA government ceases to exist.)

Government hurts people less and/or hurts fewer people.
Government takes less stuff from people and/or takes stuff from fewer people.

Not Progress:
Protests, meetings, clubs, committees, elections, campaigns, speeches, debates, pledges, oaths, promises, conversations, soap boxes, declarations, resolutions, laws, bills, memes, hashtags, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, YouTube hits, page views, etc. ... (Unless these things actually lead to the results which do constitute progress.)

The point I am making here is that if your actions do not result in government either hurting people less and/or hurting fewer people or government taking less stuff from people and/or taking stuff from fewer people, you're not making progress and you're not part of the solution.

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