The Government’s “Magical” Power

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How is it that the government magically acquires powers that individuals do not possess? The government is a creation of the people so it can only possess those powers that the people specifically delegate to it. If you—as an individual—do not have a specific right or power, it stands to reason that you cannot give that right or power to someone else.

I don't have the right to steal your property even if I use what I steal for a 'good cause,' so how does government somehow possess the authority to tax (which is just stealing property)?

I don't have the right to kidnap you and lock you in a cage because I don't like the plants you choose to grow or the chemicals you choose to manufacture, so how does government have the right to arrest and incarcerate individuals who have done those things?

I don't have the right to stop you on the street and demand you prove your identity, so how does a government agent have the right to do so?

I don't have the right to use a flying killer robot to murder people who say things that I don't like or agree with, so how could government be justified in doing exactly that?

The vast majority of what government does is illegitimate and is based on fully fictional authority that it does not—and can never—possess. Whenever government does something, ask yourself a simple question, "would I be justified in doing that?" If the answer is no, rest assured that the government isn't justified either!

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