REVIEW: Anker SoundBuds Life Wireless Lightweight Neckband Headphones

REVIEW: Anker SoundBuds Life Wireless Lightweight Neckband Headphones
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Yeah, that's right. I got another set of Bluetooth earbuds. You've heard the old saying that "two is one and one is none," right? Well, in my case, five is barely enough... Or is it six? Oh well, we're here to talk about the Anker SoundBuds Life Wireless Lightweight Neckband Headphones which are quickly becoming my preferred earbuds for daily office use.

In contrast to the Anker Soundcore Spirit X Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones I reviewed last month, the SoundBuds Life earbuds are more suited to all-day use while working at my desk than for heavy exercising or frolicking in the ocean. (Okay, I admit that I don't do much frolicking, but the Spirit X earbuds are up to the challenge should I desire to do so.)

The Life earbuds move the battery and controls into the lightweight silicon neckband, which means there is essentially zero weight on your ears. This neckband also allows you to take the earbuds out of your ears without the risk of losing anything as the "collar" remains conveniently in place. The featherweight earbuds mean that no earhooks are required and you have four sizes of eartips from which to choose, so your comfort is assured.

For use at my desk, the combination of long battery life (up to 20 hours of streaming music), comfort, and the ability to quickly and easily pull them out of my ears when I have to talk to people in real life (Isn't that annoying?) make for an unbeatable combination. The range of the Bluetooth wireless connection is sufficient for going across the hall without carrying my phone (YMMV when there are walls and other obstacles in your path) which makes it easy to keep the music going and to never miss a call.

REVIEW: Anker SoundBuds Life Wireless Lightweight Neckband HeadphonesAs is basically always the case with Anker, the sound quality is very good, with a more balanced sound field compared to the base-driven Spirit X earbuds. Call quality is also very good and is much better than using a mobile phone's built-in "speakerphone" capabilities. Callers on the other end have confirmed my analysis of this fact.

While I use the Life earbuds primarily indoors, they feature IPX5 water resistance, so walking to your car in the rain isn't going to hurt anything. (For bombproof water resistance suitable for surfing and swimming, the IPX7-rated Spirit X earbuds are a no-brainer.)

Overall, while the Life earbuds are not the least expensive option out there ($49.99 as of last check, but click here to see the latest price), the comfort, battery life, and feature set they offer make for a compelling package that is pretty much perfect for my daily use.

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