Do We Need “Immigration Reform”?


I don't care who crosses imaginary lines drawn by dictators and bureaucrats. The only 'borders' we should be protecting are the borders of private property—and I worry far more about those being violated by government agents than by folks just looking to live their lives.

The problem is not the borders and the problem is not citizenship. The problem is the compulsory redistribution of wealth. Every year, trillions of dollars are taken by force from those who have earned them and handed out to others in the form of subsidized education, healthcare, food, housing, transportation, cell phones, and a host of other programs at all levels of government.

No one—regardless of nationality, citizenship, or any other factor—has a right to any good or service that they did not obtain through voluntary trade in the free market. The simple reality is that *everything* you receive from government was *stolen* from someone else.

Employers should be free to hire any person for any job provided that person is not being forced into the position. A person's age, citizenship, education level, or possession of government papers—including licenses or certifications—should not be relevant so long as both the employer and the employee agree to and abide by the terms of their arrangement. The government has absolutely NO role to play in any type of voluntary trade, and that includes swapping one's labor for money.

With that in mind, let's look at some of the more popular proposals related to immigration reform and I will comment on them individually.

  • Stronger Border Security (Unnecessary. The only legitimate borders are the borders of private property.)
  • Guest Worker Visa Program (Unnecessary. Employers should be free to hire whoever they want and all individuals should be free to engage in any voluntary transactions with anyone who is willing. No one should need government approval to hire employees or to accept a job.)
  • Restricted Access to Social Services (Not "restricted," ZERO access—but that applies equally to "citizens" as well. No one has the right to goods or services they did not obtain through voluntary transactions in the free market.)
  • A Pathway to Citizenship (Under my plan, obtaining "citizenship" would not involve any real benefits so gaining it would not tend to be a priority. Under a system that respects individual rights and embraces free trade, one's national identity would be minimized and one's individualism would be maximized. This is the ideal scenario.)
  • A National Citizen ID Card and/or E-Verify (Government issued numbers and ID cards are the harbinger of future tyranny. Never accept them in any form. It is none of the government's business who you are or what you are doing so long as your actions do not harm anyone else.)
  • Penalties for Businesses Hiring Illegal Aliens (Obviously not. Employers should be free to hire whoever they want and all individuals should be free to engage in any voluntary transactions with anyone who is willing.)
  • Amnesty for Current Illegal Aliens (Amnesty for what, crossing arbitrary lines drawn on maps by dictators and bureaucrats? The only true crime is violating the life, liberty, or property of another individual. If someone commits a true crime, there should never be amnesty, but for fictitious "crimes" there should never be punishment. Oh, and citizenship is really overrated!)
  • Access to Special Scholarships and/or the DREAM Act (Absolutely not! This is redistribution at its worst.)

All in all, there is really no need for "immigration reform." What is actually needed is a vast purge of the redistributive government programs that serve to incentivize inactivity and indolence. What is also needed is significant criminal justice reform (by which I mean the elimination of all laws criminalizing victimless acts) and a final end to the thinly-cloaked robbery known as taxation. We need More Freedom and Less Government. We do not need more laws criminalizing more behavior and turning more individuals into outlaws as defined by a totalitarian state. Quit worrying about immigration and start fighting for liberty! It's the only cause that actually matters.

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