Donald Trump is an Authoritarian Narcissist

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I dislike politicians on principle, but Donald Trump is particularly offensive to me. His arrogance and buffoonery are insulting, his racist remarks about Mexico, China, and the Middle East are revolting, and his policy positions are truly terrifying.

On the issue of free trade, he wants to further restrict and tax trade with China, and he has criticized a trade agreement with South Korea which reduced tariffs. He doesn't seem to care that his proposals would result in substantially higher prices for consumers, but then again he's not an average consumer now is he?

On foreign affairs, he has said the US needs "boots on the ground" to fight ISIS, but he conveniently ignores the fact that it was US military interventionism that created the environment which gave birth to ISIS. He has also suggested bombing and then seizing Iraq's oil fields. Because that would totally be justified, right? He wants to spend billions upon billions building a giant wall along the Mexican border. Because all the best societies are known for their great walls, I guess... On the plus side, at least Trump said no to a wall along the Canadian border after Scott Walker said it was "a legitimate issue."

It's not just free trade and foreign policy where Trump is off his rocker, though. This guy also opposes marijuana legalization for recreational use; downplays police brutality while claiming "We need law and order!"; and wants to execute whistle-blower Edward Snowden as a traitor. There's also the fact that he loves stealing property from people using eminent domain, even going so far as calling it "a wonderful thing." If one were asked to design the absolute least libertarian candidate in US Presidential history, the result would probably be Donald Trump.

Quite frankly, with the singular exception of his somewhat decent and recently adopted position on guns (which is quite different from what he used to say), there are really no issues on which I agree with Donald Trump. As a libertarian, I want free trade and free migration; legal drugs; and an immediate end to all wars, military interventionism, police brutality, and government spying. In short, I want exactly the opposite of what would happen under a Trump Administration.

P.S. I have also written a more detailed article about What I want in a President.

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