Compulsory redistribution = Theft

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Let me make something perfectly clear: If you support *ANY* compulsory redistribution of wealth, you support THEFT. There can be no exceptions to this reality because it is in fact reality. It does not make the slightest bit of difference *why* the money is redistributed or *who* it is redistributed to. The *only* relevant criteria is whether the redistribution is compulsory.

No one ever has a *right* to the goods or services of another. Goods and services which are owned property may only be justly transferred through voluntary transactions — never through coercion or compulsion. There are some types of services such as healthcare or education that some inexplicably seem to believe they have a *right* to, but one has no more right to demand that a doctor perform surgery on them or that a teacher educate them than to demand that a baker make them bread or a carpenter build them a house.

Unless you obtain them through voluntary transactions (which includes gifts, charity, inheritance, or any other voluntary transfer) there are absolutely ZERO goods and services to which you have a *right.* The importance or necessity of the goods and services to your well-being are completely irrelevant and do not in any way grant you a right to them. Food, clothing, shelter, protection, medical care, medicine, education, entertainment, transportation, communication, and whatever else you may desire in life are all commodities which you can justly obtain *only* through voluntary transactions and can *never* justly acquire through the compulsory redistribution of wealth.

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