#War on Drugs

Crime, Punishment, and a Better System

Published by on Aug 11, 2015

Let me make my positions on the issues perfectly clear. Legalize everything. Shut down the government. Repeal all the laws. Start over from scratch with a system based on individual rights and the non-aggression principle.

The only real crime is violating the natural rights of another human being, and that standard requires actual, articulable harm to have been done to an individual other than the actor. … Read this article

Drug Dealers and Tire Salesmen

Published by on May 21, 2015

A friend of mine recently posed an interesting question. He asked, "Assuming that drugs were legalized... what would you suggest is my right if a drug dealer moves in next door? What are my rights when it comes to protecting my property and my children?" I was in the process of replying when I realized my answer was really too long and complex for a Facebook comment and would actually make a decent blog post. … Read this article

A False Equivalency

Published by on Dec 27, 2013

When libertarians talk about criminal justice reform, we often draw a distinction between real crime and "victimless crime." The term is actually an oxymoron, however, as an act that does not victimize another cannot be a crime. What we are referring to are voluntary actions that do not harm anyone against their will, but which have still been banned or otherwise restricted by the violent gang that calls itself the state. … Read this article

80 Years Later, the Horrors of Prohibition Continue

Published by on Dec 5, 2013

Exactly 80 years ago today, America's disastrous experiment with prohibition on alcohol came to its long-anticipated conclusion. At the time there was widespread rejoicing — and rightly so. The termination of prohibition not only brought an end to the unnecessary persecution and prosecution of tens of thousands of innocent individuals who had harmed no one with their exercise of personal freedom, but it also led to a significant decrease in the real crime and violence which is so typical when the production, distribution, and consumption of a desired good or service is pushed underground. … Read this article

The American Police State

Published by on Nov 10, 2013

While there is some evidence that people are beginning to wake up to the realities of the growing (and already well-established) police state that this country and many others have become, there is still a disturbing lack of awareness of not only the tools and training of these increasingly violent paramilitary forces, but also of the perverse incentives that impact their attitudes and action. … Read this article