Freedom of movement is a libertarian virtue

Published by on Jan 30, 2017

"Freedom of movement" is a libertarian virtue in any location which is not privately owned or where the owner does not opt to restrict movement. Moreover, just because libertarians advocate a fully privatized society, it does not necessarily follow that every square inch of ground will be privately owned nor that every property owner will choose to deny access to visitors and travelers. … Read this article

The Libertarian Argument for Refugee Resettlement

Published by on Nov 22, 2015

The subject of refugee resettlement has been a major point of contention lately, but the arguments offered by libertarians are particularly interesting in that they manage to arrive at entirely opposite conclusions despite ostensibly starting from the same fundamental principles. The basis of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle (or NAP.) This principle states that it is never morally acceptable to initiate force against another person. … Read this article

The West Gives ISIS a Triple Win

Published by on Nov 16, 2015

Thanks to the reaction of Western nations, the Paris attack has gone from being a small victory for ISIS (killing at least 129 people) to being a triple win. Not only did ISIS successfully kill French citizens in response to France's unwarranted interference in Syria, but now the West is scrambling to cut off assistance to ISIS victims and to slam the door in the face of refugees, leaving them to be killed or enslaved by ISIS. … Read this article

#RefugeesWelcome in Idaho

Published by on Sep 15, 2015

I dislike the Social Security program and advocate its phasing out and ultimate dissolution, but if a euthanasia activist starts an "End Social Security Now - Let Old People Die" campaign, I won't be joining it. Likewise, although I oppose government theft and retribution on principle, I do not support those who—out of xenophobic opposition to the religion and birthplace of the refugees being assisted—are attempting to end the government's refugee resettlement program. … Read this article

Refugees, Immigration, and Culture

Published by on Sep 13, 2015

Thanks to the bloviating of Donald Trump, the refugee crisis in Syria, and the fundamentally broken immigration system which is being perpetually mismanaged by the US government, immigration is once again a major talking point for pundits and commentators as well as for politicians and people in general. … Read this article