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Why I left the Tea Party

Published by on Oct 17, 2016

I have spent many years involved in politics despite knowing that it was ultimately pointless and perhaps even counterproductive. My inclination to DO SOMETHING about problems has always been very strong, and politics offered (or appeared to offer) a ready-made opportunity to take on the enemies who make our lives miserable. … Read this article

Drunk driving laws are an unconscionably regressive revenue-generation scam

Published by on Jul 19, 2016

Drunk driving is not what most people believe. An exceedingly common occurrence that goes entirely undetected in more than 99 percent of cases and remains victimless in more than 99.9 percent of cases, it has become a massive revenue-generation scam for the state which bilks individuals out of billions of dollars every year in fines and penalties which are then gobbled up by the increasingly militarized police state. … Read this article

Black Lives Matter – 10 Ways to Fix the American Injustice System

Published by on Jul 13, 2016

The facts are undeniable. Black people are disproportionately stopped, detained, arrested, charged, convicted, incarcerated, abused, and killed by the criminal (in)justice system in America. These statements aren't just my opinions, they're mathematical facts that hold up even when adjusted for income levels (though poor people also suffer disproportionately in the system.) These facts are why it is so important to admit (even to ourselves) that Black Lives Matter.   … Read this article

The Problems with Police

Published by on Jun 21, 2016

Contrary to what some people believe, I don't hate police, but I do believe that individuals employed as police officers routinely engage in immoral behavior and thus I find it unwise to trust them or to consider them allies. The following are four ways in which the actions of police officers constitute immoral choices. … Read this article

Donald Trump is an Authoritarian Narcissist

Published by on Oct 28, 2015

I dislike politicians on principle, but Donald Trump is particularly offensive to me. His arrogance and buffoonery are insulting, his racist remarks about Mexico, China, and the Middle East are revolting, and his policy positions are truly terrifying.

On the issue of free trade, he wants to further restrict and tax trade with China, and he has criticized a trade agreement with South Korea which reduced tariffs. … Read this article

My Goals for 2015 (and beyond)

Published by on Jan 1, 2015

My wishlist for 2015 (and beyond):

  • Reduce / eliminate the coercive theft of property from those who own it and its redistribution to those who do not.
    • Reduce / eliminate coercive (i.e involuntary) taxation.
    • Reduce government spending.
      • Reduce / eliminate government funding for healthcare.
 … Read this article