Refugees, Immigration, and Culture

Published by on Sep 13, 2015

Thanks to the bloviating of Donald Trump, the refugee crisis in Syria, and the fundamentally broken immigration system which is being perpetually mismanaged by the US government, immigration is once again a major talking point for pundits and commentators as well as for politicians and people in general. … Read this article

Five Problems with the Idaho Republican Party Platform

Published by on Aug 24, 2015

Having recently heard many Idaho conservatives—even those who lean libertarian—extolling the Idaho Republican Party platform, I decided to revisit it. To be fair, there are a number of good positions in there with which I agree. Privatizing Social Security, abolishing the inheritance tax, and 'encouraging the State to seek authority to oversee the utilization of natural resources on federal lands within the state' are just a few of the more controversial suggestions I support. … Read this article

When should government initiate force?

Published by on Aug 21, 2015

Every political debate always boils down to a single question: when should government initiate force?

Should government initiate force to educate children? Should government initiate force to curtail drug use? Should government initiate force to make people drive more slowly? Should government initiate force to prevent a past offender from possibly reoffending? … Read this article

Crime, Punishment, and a Better System

Published by on Aug 11, 2015

Let me make my positions on the issues perfectly clear. Legalize everything. Shut down the government. Repeal all the laws. Start over from scratch with a system based on individual rights and the non-aggression principle.

The only real crime is violating the natural rights of another human being, and that standard requires actual, articulable harm to have been done to an individual other than the actor. … Read this article

Federalism and Freedom

Published by on Jun 22, 2015

Sometime in June of 2015, the Supreme Court is expected to hand down a momentous ruling on gay marriage. Most observers predict a split decision in favor of recognizing the validity of gay marriage nationwide with the dissent based largely on the argument that under the concept of "federalism," states should get to decide what constitutes a marriage within their borders. … Read this article

What I want in a President

Published by on Apr 7, 2015

Today, Rand Paul made the long-anticipated announcement that he's running for President. The first-term Senator has his father to thank for even being considered a contender so early in his political career. Unfortunately—while he shares his father's last name—he has little else in common. … Read this article

Why I am a libertarian

Published by on Apr 1, 2015

Note: A libertarian (with a small "l") is not the same as a Libertarian (with a capital "L") because the former is a philosophical designation while the latter references membership in a political party.

I am a libertarian because I oppose the initiation of force and because I believe in liberty, autonomy, and the non-aggression principle. … Read this article

It’s time for Idaho to end its prohibition on marijuana

Published by on Mar 20, 2015

Legalizing marijuana—or preferably decriminalizing it by removing all references to it from the law—would do more to help Idaho and Idahoans than any bill the state legislature has passed in the last decade. Not only could tens of thousands of Idahoans be set free from the tyranny of the state's authoritarian "criminal justice" system for their non-crimes of producing, distributing, or consuming marijuana; but the myriad health benefits of cannabis would also be readily available. … Read this article