The Government Murder Club

Published by on Dec 27, 2015

Why is the United States (supposedly a 'modern' nation) in a club with these other nations whose lack of justice is routinely decried?

The US is a signature member of the Government Murder Club even as its neighbors (Canada and Mexico) and allies (all of Europe except Belarus) have abolished the death penalty. … Read this article

This ain’t Ancapistan

Published by on Nov 24, 2015

I consider myself a free-market anarchist which is often regarded as essentially the same as an anarcho-capitalist (or an-cap.) The differences or lack thereof between market anarchists and an-caps is beyond the scope of this article. What this means for me is that I advocate a stateless society (sometimes euphemistically referred to as "Ancapistan") in which all transactions are voluntary and in which the non-aggression principle and individual rights to legitimately-acquired property are respected. … Read this article

Politics and Policy

Published by on Sep 22, 2015

I oppose the state because the state harms people. It kills them, injures them, kidnaps them, and steals their property. The state does not do these evil things rarely or as a last resort, but rather it does them continuously as they are its core function. … Read this article

When should government initiate force?

Published by on Aug 21, 2015

Every political debate always boils down to a single question: when should government initiate force?

Should government initiate force to educate children? Should government initiate force to curtail drug use? Should government initiate force to make people drive more slowly? Should government initiate force to prevent a past offender from possibly reoffending? … Read this article

Crime, Punishment, and a Better System

Published by on Aug 11, 2015

Let me make my positions on the issues perfectly clear. Legalize everything. Shut down the government. Repeal all the laws. Start over from scratch with a system based on individual rights and the non-aggression principle.

The only real crime is violating the natural rights of another human being, and that standard requires actual, articulable harm to have been done to an individual other than the actor. … Read this article