#foreign policy

The West Gives ISIS a Triple Win

Published by on Nov 16, 2015

Thanks to the reaction of Western nations, the Paris attack has gone from being a small victory for ISIS (killing at least 129 people) to being a triple win. Not only did ISIS successfully kill French citizens in response to France's unwarranted interference in Syria, but now the West is scrambling to cut off assistance to ISIS victims and to slam the door in the face of refugees, leaving them to be killed or enslaved by ISIS. … Read this article

Donald Trump is an Authoritarian Narcissist

Published by on Oct 28, 2015

I dislike politicians on principle, but Donald Trump is particularly offensive to me. His arrogance and buffoonery are insulting, his racist remarks about Mexico, China, and the Middle East are revolting, and his policy positions are truly terrifying.

On the issue of free trade, he wants to further restrict and tax trade with China, and he has criticized a trade agreement with South Korea which reduced tariffs. … Read this article

I don’t hate Rand Paul, I disagree with his policy positions

Published by on Aug 25, 2015

Contrary to what has recently been alleged by some of my critics, I do not "hate" Rand Paul; in fact I find his positions to be the least offensive overall of all the current presidential candidates. That said, I do disagree with him on several important policy issues including (but not limited to) the following:

Foreign Policy: Rand supports sanctions against Iran and opposes the latest proposal to ease tensions; he also supports Israel over the Palestinian Authority. … Read this article

What I want in a President

Published by on Apr 7, 2015

Today, Rand Paul made the long-anticipated announcement that he's running for President. The first-term Senator has his father to thank for even being considered a contender so early in his political career. Unfortunately—while he shares his father's last name—he has little else in common. … Read this article

Enhanced Brutality

Published by on Dec 15, 2014

Atrocious actions are often carried out under color of law, yet they are still manifestly evil and abhorrent.

Any action which violates the life, liberty, or property rights of another constitutes the unjust initiation of force and justifies the use of defensive force to protect the rights of the victim. … Read this article

War, Israel, and Collectivist Thinking

Published by on Jul 22, 2014

"War" is unjust in all cases because war is simply an excuse for the decision that distinguishing the innocent from the guilty is just too damn inconvenient.

Actions can only be committed by individuals (not broad and involuntary collectives such as countries), and therefore only guilty individuals may be justly punished for acts of aggression. … Read this article

Welcome Home, Bowe Bergdahl

Published by on Jun 6, 2014

Should a soldier follow any order he is given without question? Should he execute civilians or torture a child? Unless you actually answered yes to these questions (in which case you should just stop reading now), you have just acknowledged what the Nuremberg trials codified nearly 70 years ago: following orders is not justification for criminal activity. … Read this article