#Donald Trump

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Published by on May 22, 2017

There is actually a useful lesson to be learned from the Trump presidency if only people were logical enough to grasp it.

They elected a reality TV star, a non-politician, the "ultimate outsider"; yet within a few months of his inauguration, he is dutifully treading in the well-worn footsteps of his predecessors. … Read this article

Why I left the Tea Party

Published by on Oct 17, 2016

I have spent many years involved in politics despite knowing that it was ultimately pointless and perhaps even counterproductive. My inclination to DO SOMETHING about problems has always been very strong, and politics offered (or appeared to offer) a ready-made opportunity to take on the enemies who make our lives miserable. … Read this article

Again? When was America great before?

Published by on Dec 13, 2015

Unless you've spent the last year living under a rock, you've heard Donald Trump's stupid slogan, "Make America Great Again." This catchphrase is ridiculous both because it supposes that Donald Trump of all people has the capacity to bestow "greatness" on a country of 320 million people and because it uses the word, "again." Donald Trump doesn't just want to "Make America Great," he wants to "Make America Great Again." This isn't just an assertion about the future, it's a claim that America used to be great, it isn't great anymore, and Donald Trump can reverse this trend. … Read this article

Donald Trump is an Authoritarian Narcissist

Published by on Oct 28, 2015

I dislike politicians on principle, but Donald Trump is particularly offensive to me. His arrogance and buffoonery are insulting, his racist remarks about Mexico, China, and the Middle East are revolting, and his policy positions are truly terrifying.

On the issue of free trade, he wants to further restrict and tax trade with China, and he has criticized a trade agreement with South Korea which reduced tariffs. … Read this article