Six ways children are treated like (or even worse than) slaves

Published by on Aug 9, 2016

I truly believe that one day mankind will look back on the way children were treated in 2016 with the same incredulity and revulsion as they do how slaves were treated in 1816. The inhuman treatment of children combined with the habitual denial of even their most basic human rights is an inerasable stain upon humanity that only full confession and time can begin to heal. … Read this article

Drunk driving laws are an unconscionably regressive revenue-generation scam

Published by on Jul 19, 2016

Drunk driving is not what most people believe. An exceedingly common occurrence that goes entirely undetected in more than 99 percent of cases and remains victimless in more than 99.9 percent of cases, it has become a massive revenue-generation scam for the state which bilks individuals out of billions of dollars every year in fines and penalties which are then gobbled up by the increasingly militarized police state. … Read this article

I am not ‘proud to be an American’

Published by on Jul 4, 2016

I don't fly the U.S. flag and I certainly don't "pledge allegiance" to it. I don't sing "patriotic" songs honoring the world's most oppressive and violent regime. I don't pretend that the U.S. is the "greatest" country in the world or that it is unusually or atypically "free." I can no longer stomach watching parades with floats draped in red, white, and blue bunting. … Read this article

You have the right to occupy (and seize) government property

Published by on Feb 25, 2016

The issue of "public" lands has been a contentious one lately, with many people claiming the feds should transfer them (or return them) to the states and others calling for full privatization. I don't believe that any of these ideas are consistent with reality, however, because all ownership or jurisdictional claims made by states (by which I mean any government) are already null and void. … Read this article

My View of ‘Government’

Published by on Aug 2, 2014

Occasionally, someone (typically someone who doesn't know me very well) will inquire as to what I would consider a "good" government or the "proper size" of government. I can answer this question in short or long form, but invariably the short form only serves to leave the inquirer more confused, so I generally try to include some detail in my answer. … Read this article

Government Costumes Can’t Justify the Initiation of Force

Published by on Jul 23, 2014

Wearing a government-issued costume can never make initiating force moral or justified, yet we see such aggression occurring every single day, and many people excuse or even applaud this violence.

Cops regularly assault, rob, kidnap, and even kill individuals in response to their engaging in some victimless action (speeding, lacking certain paperwork, possessing banned goods, etc.), yet these enforcers are almost never condemned or held accountable for their acts of violence. … Read this article

Welcome Home, Bowe Bergdahl

Published by on Jun 6, 2014

Should a soldier follow any order he is given without question? Should he execute civilians or torture a child? Unless you actually answered yes to these questions (in which case you should just stop reading now), you have just acknowledged what the Nuremberg trials codified nearly 70 years ago: following orders is not justification for criminal activity. … Read this article