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Reality: Goods and Services aren’t Free

Published by on Dec 18, 2016

Goods and services aren't free because they involve scarce resources. If you want heat, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, internet, and all the other things that make life comfortable and fun, you either have to make them yourself—chop wood and build a fire, dig a well, forage for food, etc.—or you have to trade for them using the goods and services you prefer to produce and/or you are better at producing. … Read this article

Why I left the Tea Party

Published by on Oct 17, 2016

I have spent many years involved in politics despite knowing that it was ultimately pointless and perhaps even counterproductive. My inclination to DO SOMETHING about problems has always been very strong, and politics offered (or appeared to offer) a ready-made opportunity to take on the enemies who make our lives miserable. … Read this article

Inalienable rights and the non-aggression principle

Published by on Oct 6, 2016

The non-aggression principle (NAP) is consistent with the view that rights are inalienable. If we accept that the right to not be aggressed against is inalienable, retribution and punishment are necessarily prohibited. Such a prohibition is consistent with the NAP as these retributive acts are not a direct response to aggression (as is self-defense) but are separate acts of force which one attempts to justify based on the past bad acts of a former aggressor. … Read this article

Why authority is always illegitimate

Published by on Oct 5, 2016

The concept of "authority" can be defined as the right to control someone. While the word is sometimes used in other contexts (i.e. "the leading authority on UFO sightings"), the relevant definition is "the right to control" rather than as an inexact synonym for "expert." It is also improper to use the word to mean merely the ability to control something (you don't have "authority" over your watch simply because you have the ability to set it.) The notion of authority is about the right to control, and this quite simply cannot actually exist because no one ever has the right to control anyone other than themselves. … Read this article