The Government Murder Club

Published by on Dec 27, 2015

Why is the United States (supposedly a 'modern' nation) in a club with these other nations whose lack of justice is routinely decried?

The US is a signature member of the Government Murder Club even as its neighbors (Canada and Mexico) and allies (all of Europe except Belarus) have abolished the death penalty. … Read this article

#RefugeesWelcome in Idaho

Published by on Sep 15, 2015

I dislike the Social Security program and advocate its phasing out and ultimate dissolution, but if a euthanasia activist starts an "End Social Security Now - Let Old People Die" campaign, I won't be joining it. Likewise, although I oppose government theft and retribution on principle, I do not support those who—out of xenophobic opposition to the religion and birthplace of the refugees being assisted—are attempting to end the government's refugee resettlement program. … Read this article

“Just doing your job”

Published by on Dec 21, 2014

"Just doing your job" cannot be moral if your job is to initiate force against peaceful people.

If the armed enforcers of the evil, totalitarian regime known as the US government are not responsible for their acts of theft, assault, and murder because they are committed under color of law, neither were Hitler's SS officers who ran the Nazi death camps. … Read this article

Enhanced Brutality

Published by on Dec 15, 2014

Atrocious actions are often carried out under color of law, yet they are still manifestly evil and abhorrent.

Any action which violates the life, liberty, or property rights of another constitutes the unjust initiation of force and justifies the use of defensive force to protect the rights of the victim. … Read this article